3 in 1 LED Touch Pen

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3 in 1 LED Touch Pen

Pen, light and stylus

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Product Description

Multi-purpose is a word we all love to hear. Something that is meant for only one job but can in reality take on a lot of tasks is never a bad thing.

One cool gadget that has multi-purposes is the 3 in 1 LED Touch Pen. Not only is it a ball point pen, oh no! It doubles, sorry triples, as a soft tip stylus for your touch screen devices and a torch with its LED light. The ergonomic design allows the pen to rest nicely in your hands with a ‘push activated’ clicker to turn on your super bright LED light.

This practical pen can become very useful for presentations, drawing apps and erm… writing.

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose 3 in 1 ball point pen
  • Push activated built in LED light
  • Soft tip stylus
  • Ergonomic design
  • Measures approx. 12.5cm x 1cm

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great pen pity about the ink - Review by Andrew

Fantastic pen writes beautifully, torch is very bright and stylus is great BUT can not find replacement ink, SO what good is a pen without ink.

RED5 says: “Hi there Andrew, Sorry to hear your 3 in 1 Pen has run out of ink. Please contact our Customer Service Team and they will get this sorted for you :).”

Batteries enclosed?? - Review by Claire

This pen didn't come with batteries - the packaging said they were enclosed. I have got some batteries, but there's nowhere to place them. I took the pen apart as requested, but there's no connections!! I gave it 3 stars because it's still a great 2 in 1 pen.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Claire. If you would like an exchange then just contact our CS team and they'll definitely be able to help out :)"