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Since the evolution of social media, and the development of mobile phones coming with cameras, more and more of us are taking pictures every day. Since the rest of the world is taking the same pictures, it’s about time we made our pictures stand out from the masses of photos uploaded to the internet every day.

The 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens allows you to take remarkably high quality photos using your phones camera. Three lenses are included in the set to give your photography a variety of new options. The Wide Angle Lens will extend your photos with an extra 180° getting into your shot, perfect for shooting landscapes and big group shots. The Fish Eye Lens is similar to the Wide Angle Lens as it gets more in the shot but adds a curved effect to the image. The third lens is arguably our favourite as the imagery is so sharp and clear. The Macro Lens is used to achieve extremely close up shots, showing the incredible detailing of your subject.

Each of these lenses are easy to attach to your phone and don’t need any special cases fitting or apps to be downloaded. Simply screw your chosen lens on the grip, place over the camera on your phone or tablet and you can instantly enhance your photography without spending hours on photoshop. The universalness of this gadget means it will work with most smartphones, whether you are using a protective case or not. The macro lens screws onto the wide angle lens so only two lens covers are provided, along with a microfiber bag for cleaning the lenses. As the 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens works with a peg styled clip, it will fit most smartphones and tablets. Which makes this set perfect for budding photographers who don’t want to carry a bulky photography set around with them.

Please note: some devices with bulky camera lenses such as the Nokia 1020, will unfortunately be too big for this gadget.

Product Features

  • Enhance your phone or tablets camera
  • Clip will fit most devices
  • Wide angle lens adds 180° into your shot
  • Fish eye lens adds a curved effect to your shot
  • Macro lens enhances extremely close up shots
  • Compact and portable design
  • Use with or without a case on your device
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Easy to switch between lenses
  • Two lens covers included
  • Microfibre bag and lens covers
  • Clip measures approx. 6cm x 2cm x 2cm


  • 1 x Camera lens clip
  • 1 x Fish eye lens
  • 1 x Wide angle lens
  • 1 x Marco lens
  • 1 x Microfibre bag
  • 2 x Lens covers

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Useful peice of kit - Review by Milo

Found photography with these handy little lenses a breeze, easy application to all types of smart phone and greatly improved photograph quality, brilliant!