3D Art Batman

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3D Art Batman

Awesome lenticular images

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We have had paintings and photographs in and around our houses for centuries. Always the same image, looking the same, and never ever changing. Yawn. We think its time for a change and this super awesome 3D Art Batman is not like your usual picture!

The evil Joker and Batman have been trapped in this image and while you can only see one at a time, they are both definitely there. Using some snazzy lenticular sciencey stuff the Joker will seamlessly change into Batman as you move around the picture and vice versa.The result is an incredible changing 3D image that can be either wall mounted or left free standing.

Trust us when we say this is one picture frame no Batman fan wants to be without!

Product Features

  • Cool 3D images
  • Batman and the Joker trapped in one frame
  • Characters switch as you change your view
  • Lenticular design
  • Officially licensed
  • Sturdy black frame
  • Freestanding or wall hanging
  • Measures approx. 29cm x 24cm x 4cm

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