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3Doodler 2.0 Refills


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So you’ve got you 3Doodler 2.0, check! You absolutely love it (obviously), check! And now you’d like to create even more fantastical things with an even wider range of colours – well of course you do!

We have just the thing to keep your creativity flowing and your designs limitless. After all you wouldn’t want a silly thing like a lack of colours to get in the way of your amazing creations. So keep your drawings moving in the right direction and re stock with our fabulous 3Doodler refills, fully compatible with the 3Doodler 2.0. 

The packs contain 10 inch strands that will produce 100 inches of doodle per strand.

Choose from Hipster Hues, Bohemian Blend and Welcome to the Jungle colour refill packs.

Each refill pack provides you with 25 plastic strands in 5 different colours.

Hipster Hues

Brighten your designs with the Hipster Hues mixed colour ABS pack. 

  • 5 x yellow
  • 5 x red
  • 5 x purple
  • 5 x brown
  • 5 x turquoise

Bohemian Blend

Give your designs a warm touch with the Bohemian Blend mixed colour ABS pack.

  • 5 x red
  • 5 x purple
  • 5 x royal blue
  • 5 x turquoise
  • 5 x orange 

Welcome to the Jungle

Go into the tropics with the Welcome to the Jungle mixed colour ABS pack.

  • 5 x neon yellow
  • 5 x yellow
  • 5 x brown
  • 5 x green
  • 5 x neon green 

Product Features

  • 3Doodler 2.0 colour refill packs
  • Choose from three mixed colour sets
  • Includes Hipster Hues, Bohemian Blend and Welcome to the Jungle
  • Keep your creative juices flowing
  • Compatible with the 3Doodler 2.0
  • 5 colours in each pack
  • Each pack contains 25 plastic strands

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