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There are some artists out there that pick up a pen or pencil and create amazing works of art. Drawings so real it looks like they are actually coming off the paper. And then there’s the rest of us whose childlike stickmen, love hearts, and random balls of squiggles will forever be confined to the 2 dimensional paper world, right? Well actually wrong, because this is the year 2014 and with the invention and mass popularity of 3D printers, a mini 3D printer pen has been created for the modern artist! This is a pen like no other, a pen that can take your drawings from the paper and into the air!

Instead of using ink the 3Doodler heats up plastic strands which can be manipulated into 3D shapes as you ’draw’, very similar to how 3D Printers work. Even if you are lacking that bit of inspiration there are plenty of stencils online for you to copy while you get the hang of things.

So whether you want art work for the wall, something to stand on the mantelpiece, decorations for your clothes or even your own jewellery range, the 3Doodler can do it all! #WhatWillYouCreate

Please note: the tip of the pen can get extremely hot so children should be under full supervision at all times. Do NOT touch the tip of the 3Doodler, the parts near the tip or any melted plastic. 

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Product Features

  • World’s first and only 3D pen
  • Create 3D drawings
  • Draw in the air or onto paper
  • Plastic quickly solidifies
  • Uses same technology as 3D printers
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Use with ABS or plastic filaments
  • Variety of colours
  • Quickly heats and cools plastics
  • Two button speed controls
  • Patent pending technology
  • LED temperature indicators
  • Originated from an overwhelming kickstarter campaign
  • Powered by wall adapter
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 5cm x 5cm

ABS plastic:

  • Drawing upwards
  • Building structures
  • Creating bendable art
  • 3Doodling on paper and then peeling off

PLA plastic:

  •  Drawing acute angles/edges
  • Building structures
  • 3Doodling on paper for long lasting stick
  • 3Doodling on glass or metallic surfaces
  • Creating translucent art

Technical Specifications

  • Output power: 24W
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Input voltage: 12V


Plastic strands pack

  • 5 x tuxedo black
  • 5 x royal blue
  • 5 x greener grass
  • 5 x chilli pepper red
  • 5 x rubber ducky yellow

Plastic ABS strands pack:

  • 5 x super yellow
  • 5 x grrreally green
  • 5 x highlighter orange
  • 5 x hot pink
  • 5 x glow in the dark

Plastic Refills:


  • 5 x tuxedo black
  • 5 x royal blue
  • 5 x greener grass
  • 5 x chilli pepper red
  • 5 x rubber ducky yellow
Plastic ABS Refills:
  • 5 x black belt black
  • 5 x grand bleu
  • 5 x evergreen
  • 5 x riding hood red
  • 5 x sunnyside yellow

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best gadget in the world - Review by Ahmet

I love the 3doodler so much plus its so cheap. I bought it for my friend and he loved it. He made so maney things with it.i made a robot to put my keys in

You will love this! - Review by Thomas

Brilliant for the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would say that the idea of drawing in the air is cool, as well.