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Are you looking for an awesome focal point for your room? Are you crazy about science and all things spacey? Good, because we have found arguably one of the coolest models we have ever seen! Brilliantly detailed, and satisfyingly big (sniggers) the 4D Vision Saturn V Rocket will be the envy of anyone who sees it. 

So what was so special about the Saturn V? Well for starters it had the most powerful launch system ever created, it was designed specifically for Americas Apollo programme and was responsible for man landing on the moon! The 360 foot three stage rocket not only blasted Astronauts into outer space but also carried up the Skylab Space Station. First launched in 1967, the Saturn V made 13 flights before it was retired in 1973.

In homage to this incredible piece of technology, we are proud to introduce the awesome 4D Vision Saturn V model. This 180 piece kit comes pre painted and can be easily assembled. Building the rocket itself is a learning experience and as it is a cutaway model you can see all the bits and bobs that made it work. With the Lunar Module and Command Module included, you get the full space experience at home or in the office.

Measuring a whopping 1108mm when built, this 1:100 scale model is a great gift for space lovers and looks brilliant once complete.

Product Features

  • Saturn V cutaway model
  • 4D 1:100 scale model
  • 180 piece kit
  • Transparent parts to show interiors
  • Lunar and command module
  • Stand included
  • Measures approx. 110cm when built

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