Save 50 Outrageous Scams and Tricks

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50 Outrageous Scams and Tricks

Pranks, tricks and hustles

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Many magicians say the best part of their job is watching the reactions of confused and shocked audiences after a trick. These box sets will send you on your way to getting the same responses from your own friends and family.

Each box contains tricks, hustles, pranks and magic to get your friends in a state of shock. Set in a nice presentation tin is a cool selection of tricks for you to perform. All the kit is included in your box for 50 different tricks along with some very easy to follow instructions. Become the ultimate trickster or hustler with these magical box sets.

Product Features

  • Fifty tricks per box
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Become a trickster
  • Official Marvin’s Magic set
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 15cm x 6cm


Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles:

  • Three card trick
  • Extra sensory perception cards
  • Press pass
  • 6 x poker chips
  • 2 x dice
  • Retracting device
  • 2 x VIP wrist bands
  • Cracked screen stickers
  • Marvin’s Magic Club card
  • Instructions

Fifty Greatest Card Tricks

  • Spot on prediction card set
  • Magical masterpieces card set
  • United nations of magic card set
  • Amazing Print-A-Card set
  • Hypnotic choice card set
  • Deck of 52 magic cards
  • Marvin’s Magic Club card
  • Instructions

Fifty Pranks To Freak Your Friends

  • Sponge rock
  • Body parts set
  • Spider in ice cube
  • Amazing spider trap
  • Coffee stain
  • Cracked screen sticker
  • Parking penalty notice
  • Marvin’s Magic Club card
  • Instructions


Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

  • 2 x dice
  • 1 x small magic tub
  • 1 x large magic tub
  • 1 x full deck of cards
  • 1 x peg
  • 2 x paperclips
  • 2 x large rubber bands
  • 1 x small rubber band
  • 1 x spring
  • 1 x metal hoop
  • 6 x match sticks
  • 4 x numeral cards
  • 10 x magic cards
  • 3 x doubled cards
  • Marvin’s Magic Club card
  • Instructions

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