7 in 1 Rechargeable Station

6 Cars, 1 Station, 1 Sun

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Product Description

If you were to sit down a child and explain to them how solar power absorbs photons using photovoltaic cells, which then hit electrons making them lose their place around the nucleus of the atom, then passing from negative to positive, direct currents turning into alternating currents, you are going to end up with one bored kid! However, children do want to hear about how they can engineer 6 different vehicles and one charging station to play and race together, and thats exactly what you get with the 7 in 1 Rechargeable Station!

All the parts are easy snap together pieces so there’s no need for messy glue. After you decide which creation to make, you can recharge it from either the solar panel, which will take around 180 seconds to fully recharge, or from the battery mode which is powered by 2x AAA's and only takes a miniscule 5 seconds for a full power up. Each vehicle has a running time of 50 – 90 seconds, plenty enough time to scare the cat out of its little furry boots. So even when the weather doesn’t turn out how we want it to, there’s still no excuse not to play with these as they can use the battery power or just the light from a halogen bulb.

Experiment with solar power to understand how it creates energy for your vehicle and enjoy hours of fun changing the size and shape into 6 different configurations and drive your machines both indoors and out!

Product Features

  • 7 in 1 rechargeable solar station
  • Create 6 different vehicles and two charging stations
  • Encourage learning of solar power and engineering
  • Solar Station charging time – 180 seconds
  • Battery powered Truck charging time – 5 seconds
  • Running time - 50 -90 seconds
  • Easy clip pieces (no messy glue)
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries for truck charging station
  • Powered by sun light or halogen bulbs
  • Assembled dimensions: Solar Car 3cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Concept car 2.5cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Dump truck 4cm x 4cm x 7cm
  • Bulldozer 5cm x 4cm x 9cm
  • Concept racer 2.5cm x 4cm x 10cm

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