About Us

Ever since winning Young Engineer for Britain way back in 1980 Jonathan Elvidge has had a passion for all things gadgety. Creator of the original Gadget Shop back in ’91 Jonathan has always been obsessed not only with great gadgets, but more importantly for making sure everyone could play with them, and not just him! In 2005 Jonathan got together with product guru Joth Baron with a vision to build the ultimate gadget shop, RED5, a place where anyone could get their hands on great and innovative gadgets, and at affordable prices. The first RED5 shop opened in Hull in '05, was a storming success, and over the next 6 years another 20 stores popped up across the UK, with more appearing all the time.

Of course as well as the shops (which you can find in our Store Finder) our website is loaded with gadget wizardry, and just like in our shops you’ll receive exceptional customer service and rapid delivery.

"There's a lot to be said about working in an industry when you get to play with stuff just as it’s been invented, and every year the gadgets get cooler and cleverer on the back of evolving technology. Flying stuff around the warehouse recording and transmitting video and being able to maintain control whilst the flying machine is out of sight, as you see what it sees on your iphone, is a thing of wonder. It's not life saving but it is fun, and fun is what its all about. There can be few jobs more rewarding than seeing the new technology emerge for the first time during trade visits to suppliers around the world, and then seeing your customers get the same thrill as they see it for themselves." RED5 team

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