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Remember when you were a child and the closest you ever got to owning a helicopter was throwing Sycamore seeds in the air? Our friends at the Aero-Props HQ have spent years testing and refining the perfect flight characteristics to bring us this new toy. The most fun you can have with a stick, these hand powered helicopters are super easy to fly and can travel up to 30ft in the air! Unlike real helicopters with hundreds of dials, buttons and switches, these are so much easier to use. Take your Aero-Prop and quickly roll it between your hands and watch as it soars off into the distance. When you have mastered the basics you can start experimenting by changing the height, angle, speed and direction to create exciting flight patterns.

Product Features

  • Addictive flying toy
  • Hand powered helicopter
  • Simple to fly
  • Flies up to 30ft in the air!
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 20cm

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Wow! - Review by Lucy

Hello, I am 12 and my mum brought one of these home for me and at first I thought it looked like the worst toy in the world.. that was until I had a go. Wow does it fly, its really simple to use too, just spin it in between your hands. Now my little brother wants one too.