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Product Description

Imagine this, you’re at the office on another boring day and need to get some paper work to your colleague at the other side of the room. You could get up and hand it to them but that’s a lot of effort. You could try to shout them over but they probably won’t because they’re just as lazy as you. It would seem that your only option is to somehow throw it across the room.

The Air Mail Catapult is just the thing for creating more office warfare than the bosses would ever allow. Write your message on the air mail notes, scrunch it up in the catapult and launch the paper at your pals! The Air Mail Catapult has a stack of post-it notes ready to be shot through the stratosphere and also doubles as a great new version of coffee pong once you have practiced your aim.

Product Features

  • Fun mini catapult
  • Makes every day more fun
  • Stack of Air Mail post it notes
  • Fire notes across to friends

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