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Air Power Engine Car Kit

The alternative to petroleum

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Product Description

We all know that the world’s petroleum reserves are running short, and the largest car manufacturers around the globe have been searching for alternative fuels, and at last we think we’ve found a winner. Air for fuel! And that’s exactly what the Air Power Engine Car Kits does!

This fun and educational science gadget is fantastic build it yourself kit which includes all the bits that you need to create your very own Air Powered Car. However, we would recommend you also have a screwdriver, ruler, hammer, scissors, permanent marker and some tissue paper to hand too! Simply fill up engine by pumping air into the air chamber (the big bottle bit) and once full, let her rip! This car can whizz around and reach incredible high speeds, travelling up to 50 metres in only 35 seconds.

With no need for batteries, chargers or motors, this car can go on for days and days using the power of compressed air propulsion. The Air Power Engine Car Kit is a great little toy to get kids and adults interested in eco-friendly energy and science.

Product Features

  • Fun DIY science kit
  • Build your own eco-friendly car
  • Powered via compressed air propulsion
  • Safety valve automatically bleeds excess air
  • Travel 50 metres in 35 seconds
  • No batteries, motors or chargers needed
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Build it yourself
  • Measures approx. 16cm x 23cm x 16cm

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Good toy - Review by Paul

I really enjoyed assembling this thanks to the excellent pictorial instructions. Some small parts were fiddly, but necessary to the working of the car. It worked first time, and I'm sure my grandson will enjoy playing with it.
You will need some practical skill, and I wouldn't expect a child to assemble it without the help of a competent adult. I am a retired engineer, so have some advantage here.
Overall a clever design, good idea, and very satisfying toy, but you must have practical skills.

Very complicated ! - Review by Richard

it has taken three adults not to get this model operating. The instructions are all pictorial and there is little explanation. The car goes about 1 foot and then looses pressure. No visible issue
I have had the thing in bits and back to basics four times without success. Not recommended for youngsters. The box says 10 plus but I am 69 with a master of science degree and I cant make it go.