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What we adults played with as children is far from the technology the kids of today have although the best parts of our games have carried on. Shooting games were always a winner but instead of cap guns, foam darts, bb guns (more painful than fun) ray guns, and plain plastic guns, this AirZooka will never hurt and will never run out of ammunition.

Capable of delivering an Omni-directional blast of air across an entire room, the AirZooka works as a miniature wind tunnel, trapping air inside of it and then firing it out at unsuspecting victims. Perfect if you enjoy irritating your friends and colleagues – blowing away toupees and wigs, blasting stacks of paper away or even creating that windswept and interesting look. With a flip-up sight and catapult firing system hitting your targets shouldn’t be a problem!

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Product Features

  • Air canon that fires a ball of air across 20ft
  • High-tech soft combat
  • Great for annoying friends
  • Never runs out of ammo (you have serious problems if you do)
  • Perfect for knocking off toupees
  • Flip-up sight
  • Measures approx. 16cm x 28cm x 28cm

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