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Amazeballs Fairground

Desktop fun fair

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Some of the items we have on our desks lack inspiration and fun. Most of these things are essentials to our work such as pen pots, stationery and paperwork.

Now we have found a rather distracting and hypnotic desk toy to give your workplace that added oomph! The Amazeballs Fairground is a DIY mechanical marble run. The set comes partly unassembled so you will have to follow a few easy step by step instructions to create your tower of fun. Once completed you can show off your building skills to passers-by as they watch the seamless flow of balls moving around the course and riding the Ferris wheel without a hitch.

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Product Features

  • Motorized marble run
  • Some self-assembly required
  • Click together parts
  • Fun desk toy
  • Balls go around the Ferris wheel and down the course
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery

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Mesmerising desk ornament - Review by MIKE

Amazing and mesmerising. It is important to ensure that all the parts are fully inserted. The big blue wheel tends to scrape against the red support and can stall. I inserted an M3 nylon washer on the axle between the big blue wheel and the red bearing, it runs much better now.