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Animal Masks

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Things are getting boring - the same old same old, day in day out. We think that it is time to put the well-deserved fun back into your day!

Slip on one these masks and you are instantly transformed into some sort of slightly disturbing backwards centaur creature. Perfect for parties, festivals or just popping to the shops for some lovely beef burgers…  These realistic latex masks come with lifelike fur manes and of course the all-important horn if you are going for the unicorn look. Just imagine the amount of awesome photo bombing you could do with these masks. Beautiful wedding photo - ruined by stallions roaming in the background. Graduate celebrations now including Equine courses. Giant family portrait - seems Aunty Mira has turned into a unicorn. The possibilities are endless! 


Product Features

  • Realistic looking horse and unicorn heads
  • Great for parties and fancy dress
  • Realistic fur manes
  • Made from latex
  • Fits most adult heads

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