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They're comin out the goddamn walls

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Product Description

No one could have believed that in the early stages of the 21st century, our planet was being watched by aliens from another world and an invasion has already begun! Eeek! This war cannot be fought in our world, but in an augmented reality just beyond our reach, however we now have the weaponry to fight back!

The appBlaster has been the most anticipated gadget this year, and possibly even in the history of RED5! So what’s got everyone here more excited than a kid at Christmas? Well, we’ve been lucky enough to have a go and it’s truly awesome! To play the game you must defend your position against swarms of aliens using various guns and missiles. The environment is fully three dimensional and the aliens come at you from every angle imaginable. The appBlaster utilizes the accelerometer of your iPhone/iPod touch so the game rotates and moves as you do. The result is immersive game play that requires quick reactions and frantic firing!

Augmented Reality – If you are the proud owner of a shiny iPhone3GS or iPhone4 you can make use of the rear facing camera to overlay the game against your surrounding environment. When your iPhone is docked it transforms into a high tech sight complete with cross hair and game data. Now the alien swarm will appear from the walls, ceiling, floor, dog or whatever else happens to be in the room at the time. We can’t emphasise just how much fun it is to shout “die alien scum!” whilst pointing the gun at your partners head! Actually, never before has the quote “they’re coming out of the goddamn walls!” been so apt! Don’t worry if you have an iPod Touch as the game works just as well using the alternative space background.

Even the way to reload is super cool. To replenish your ammo you have to quickly move the gun 90 degrees towards the ceiling and then back down again. Special weapons and power ups can be collected throughout the mission so keep your eyes peeled.

The gun is lightweight and the shoulder stock can be removed to give you a shorter gun depending on your preference. There are two triggers; the rear trigger fires the lasers, whilst the front trigger is for firing missiles, but use them sparingly!

Don’t be fooled in thinking this is a one hit wonder, there are already more games in development and we’re sure that once other developers have had a go they’ll all be using this ingenious device to get the most out of their games. The great news for us is this is only the beginning, it’s so much more than another new product, it just feels right, some call it magical, and it will have a lasting impact on the way we blast aliens! :P

For a list of the current apps that are compatible with the AppBlaster, click on this link.

Product Video

Product Features

  • appBlaster gun with dock adaptors for the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • Download the free App ‘apptoyz alien attack’(available free on iTunes).
  • Augmented reality overlays the game against your environment.
  • A new genre in gaming.
  • Players need to physically move to locate the aliens.
  • Utilises the iPhone/iPod accelerometer.
  • Dual triggers fire bullets, laser beams and grenades.
  • Multiple levels, guns and aliens.
  • Light and portable.
  • Measures 44cm x 17cm x 3cm approx.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th Gen)
  • Smart conductive trigger mechanism.
  • No batteries required.
  • Does not come with iPhone, obviously…


  • appBlaster gun
  • Shoulder Stock
  • iPhone and iPod Touch mounts

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My favourite gadget - Review by Damo

The appblaster is without a doubt my favourite gadget that RED5 do. I love my iphone, and I love playing video games and this makes playing on my phone much more fun. If you don't believe me then take a look at the Apple game centre. That high score on Alien Attack of over 17,000,000 points? That's me.

a perfect Peripheral - Review by ash

To be honest, when I first saw this I thought it didnt look very good but don't let first opinions cloud your curiosity.

When I got my hands on this I was hooked!
It is easy to use, very fun but hard to master with the game getting harder at a steady pace which means you are always pushing for a better score.
I honestly cannot wait to see the other games that come out for this gun.
Only downside, you do look a bit odd if doing this in public. :p

iWeapon - Review by Ulf

A funny iPhone weapon. Like a home work out with a lot of fun. Amazing

Best toy I've seen in years! - Review by Mark

I had a chance to play with this at the product's launch in Selfridges and I have to say it impressed me well beyond my expectations!

The game starts out with a couple of aliens slowly creeping towards you from a distance; easily dispatched with a few laser blasts. But you're plunged fairly quickly into all-out war.

With each increasing level; larger, tougher aliens in increasing quantity surround you and you'll need be be quick on both your trigger and your toes as if you want to dispatch them.

What I really like most about the game however, is that players are rewarded for accuracy. If you want to reach the top of the leaderboards then precicision is key to those high scores. There are also unlockable weapons and bonus levels to keep things fresh.

The music and weapons sound effects are also fantastic, but to experience them properly I'd recommend a set of good headphones.

All in all, this is easily the best iphone peripheral on the market just now, and I've been promised that more games are on the way for the Appblaster. It looks like the world has yet another reason to be jealous of iphone users ;)

Brilliant app gun game - Review by romina

i neeeeeded this as soon as I saw it, feel bad about shooting my little alien monster friends, something different for the iphone.

best game - Review by mark

I saw this at a toy fair and it was one of the most popular products there, what the pics don't get across is that you actually play the game through the iphone camera, so you are shooting the aliens in the real world around you. Brilliant fun and the apps free.

Seriously amazing - Review by Kate

These are so cool. I pre-ordered one last week and was very excited about it arriving yesterday. It did not disappoint!

The augmented reality is incredible aliens keep popping up all over my house! I could play with this for hours. If you have an iphone you need one of these!