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Product Description

Bring out your best game show host voice, find your thinking cap and get your family and friends to join together for portable, fully interactive quiz fun. We welcome you to the best game show of all time, hosted by the charismatic Chuck Boldhart in your living room, bedroom, on the bus or just about anywhere.

To start off your gaming fun, download the free app from the App Store and plug your device into the AppQuiz and you’re ready to play. It’s really that simple! Packed full of mini games, and 1000’s of different questions, it’s the most advanced and interactive quiz yet. By using patented trigger to touch technology you can go head to head with 2-4 players and keep things fresh by downloading new content and quiz packs.

Great fun for all the family, this simple idea will keep you entertained for hours to come.

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Product Features

  • Fully interactive and portable quiz game
  • Universal dock
  • Free app available on IOS
  • 2-4 players
  • 1000’s of different questions and mini games
  • New content and quiz packs available to download
  • Trigger to touch technology
  • Presented by the charismatic Chuck Boldhart
  • Measures approx. 31cm x 27cm x 10cm

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Waste of money - Review by Paul

I have copied the email I sent to AppToyz below , this product is not very responsive and to be honest saves you moving your hand a few inches from where the buzzer was to actually touching the screen of your tablet/phone. Grossly over priced!!!!!!
"Hi there

I recently bought the App Quiz for my wife unfortunately it seems this product has been rushed out with very little support or product testing

1) My wife has an ipad 2 , my wife was able to download the app from the app store but the app itself whilst it shows on her ipad screen it fails to load. When she presses the icon the screen goes black for a second and then goes back to her desktop.

2) As a backup I tried to go to google play store to try and find the app and see if it would work with my android tablet but there is no app despite your packaging saying use with “smart phones and tablets most models” it appears that your software is designed for apple ios and not android which is a fairly significant chunk of the market. (addendum it also says on the RED5 website compatible with android yet the app is not on the google play store).

3) My wife then tried to use her iphone and that at least managed to load up the app however the whole point of using the ipad over the iphone is so we don't have to squint at the screen. When using the iphone the peripheral was a bit hit or miss when we were pressing the button.

4) Finally it appears that you don't even need to buy the peripheral to play the game you can just use the app for free on the iphone given that id just spent £30 for a device you would think you would get some sort of bonus for shelling out for a bit of plastic which just presses the screen for you (there is no tech pressing the buzzer basically pushes a bit of plastic to touch the screen for you, its actually easier to touch the screen).

I don't normally complain but feel that £30 for what was received it was extremely expensive and grossly overpriced , I will endeavour to get a refund but given the time from when I bought the present to when I gave it as a present I doubt I will get one however I will post a fairly negative comments/review on the website where I bought it.


Paul McCarthy"

RED5 says: "We're so sorry to hear this Paul :( I'm sure we can sort out a refund for you."