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When it comes to cooking and baking, there’s not much that grandmas and mothers can’t do. If you’re not nearly as successful as your family master chefs in the kitchen then don’t feel put down, we all have to learn somewhere. Having an iPad as your teacher isn’t always practical especially when you have to swipe to see the next step but your fingers are covered in sticky dough.

Say goodbye to sticky screens and greasy cook books as the Apron Guides have all you need to know. The upside down print allows you to fold the apron up and check how long your shallots need to boil and how to do the famous finger test for your steak along with many more helpful tips.

Let the Apron Guides be your kitchen saviour.

Product Features

  • Apron with printed cooking guides
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • Cooking glossary
  • Numeric conversions
  • Cooking times for veg rice and eggs etc.
  • Roasting times for birds
  • Freezing and defrosting times
  • Measures approx. 87cm x 88cm

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