Ass Blaster

Separate the men from the boys

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Product Description

Hold onto your ass!

We recommend preparing large quantities of cooling fluids before you reach for this spicy condiment, as this ass blasting fiery heat storm will really blow your socks off!

Presented in a rather adorable outhouse wooden gift box, right from the outset there’s no getting away from the terrifying consequences of this crazy hot sauce. So if you don’t fear the wrath of the deathly combination of Habanero Peppers and cruel Capsicum, this serious blast of the hot stuff is the perfect remedy for bland and boring meals. So when your Naga Jolokia or Trinidad Scorpian just won’t do, the Ass Blaster will really put the blaze back into your saddle! We dare you!

Product Features

  • Crazy spicy Hot Sauce
  • Made from Habanero Peppers with a Capsicum kick
  • Presented in a wooden outhouse box
  • Red hot recipe separates the men from the boys
  • 148ml (5oz.) of spice delight
  • Approach with caution!

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Such cool presentation - Review by Stella

This cute spicy sauce, arrived in an amazing wooden box and it was the best presentation I could have ever imagined! I recommend it, if you know someone who like their food HOT!