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Light up balloons

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What’s a party without balloons? Well, it’s not actually a party if there aren’t balloons involved, in our eyes. It's like the grand national with no horses, or a beach without sand. Balloons make parties – no matter how old you are that balloon cannot touch the floor. Ever!

The Balloominates are like a balloon/sky lantern hybrid, combining our love of balloons with our love of pretty glowing lights. They instantly add a wow factor to your party and can last for up to 24 hours which is great for those all-nighters. The unique balloons come with a small white LED light inside and can be filled with either air or helium.

Fantastic for kids and adult parties alike, these make a special addition to any celebration and come in a pack of five Balloominates.

Product Features

  • Glowing balloons
  • White LED lights inside
  • White balloons
  • LED lasts up to 24 hours
  • Fill with air or helium
  • Made from latex rubber
  • Do not inflate over 23cm diameter
  • 5 balloons per pack

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