Balloon Dog Light

Because balloon dogs aren’t just for christmas

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Remember on your fifth birthday party when the entertainer made a balloon dog for you and it was the best feeling ever! A new rubbery friend to take for walks to the park and play with. Well eventually, that balloon dog would either deflate, fly away or be popped by a mean older sibling.

That right there seems to be the main problem with balloon animals - they just don’t last long enough. Except for this one. The Balloon Dog Light is a fun night light/balloon friend that is constructed from flexible silicone rubber so he won’t be at risk of popping, deflating or flying away. An internal LED tube creates a soft, calming glow through his bright red skin, making this a perfect night light. To turn him on and off simply ask him for his paw and give it a little squeeze. The 30 minute optional automatic timer means that this little pup will turn himself off after half an hour to save on battery life.

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Product Features

  • Adorable balloon dog shaped light
  • Made from soft, flexible silicone rubber
  • Internal LED tube creates a soft glow
  • Squeeze his paw to turn on and off
  • Optional auto shutdown after 30 minutes
  • Ideal kids bedroom night light
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 20cm x 9cm

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