Batman Logo Mirror

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Batman Logo Mirror

Practice smiling in the mirror, it’s like putting on a mask.

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Product Description

We guess it’s not easy being the Batman, constantly locking up psychotic criminals, the poor guy never gets the full credit he deserves. On the other hand, Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire, which has to go some way to easing the pain of the lack of recognition by the citizens of Gotham! So, what better mirror to decorate your fancy mansion, or bat cave with, than this awesome Batman Logo Mirror!

Measuring 70cm x 30cm it's sure to be the focal point of your room and we bet that whilst getting ready you won’t be able to resist saying “I’m batman’’ in your gravelliest of voices (you’re doing it now, we can tell).

You won’t need a utility belt to attach this brilliant, iconic, symbol to the wall, but a couple of screws, a drill and a spirit level might be useful.

Product Features

  • Be the Batman with this iconic mirror
  • Made from acrylic
  • Wall mounting fittings on the back
  • Measures approx 70cm x 30cm

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