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Bike Signal Pod

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Product Description

Signal Pod is the simple and intuitive wireless indicating system that allows cyclists to focus on the road while signalling and turning. Ride with increased confidence, indicating to motorists and pedestrians behind you without compromising control of your bicycle.

The Signal Pod is easy to use, and a breeze to set up! Simply connect the wireless control unit to the handlebars, and attach the Signal Pod light unit to the seat post.Then, during cycling, tap the control unit to transfer and display signals to the rear of your bicycle. Especially useful in traffic, where maximum control of your bike is needed, your hands need never leave the handlebars! The extra-bright LED light display allows you to indicate left and right clearly, with an extra hazard light option at your disposal. Audible beeps accompany the visual indicators, allowing you to alert those nearby at the touch of a button.

While Signal Pod does not replace the need for front and rear lights in the dark, the unit is ideal for effortless, enhanced rear signalling, day and night. Weather-proof and durable, the Signal Pod is the perfect gift for any cycle enthusiast.

Product Features

  • Signal indicators to help improve road safety
  • Signal whilst keeping both hands on the handle bars
  • Rear seatpost mounted 
  • Wireless
  • Audio signal lets you know you are indicating
  • Auto shut off if installed upside down



  • 1 x Rear indicator
  • 1 x Rear indicator clip
  • 1 x Wireless Handle bar remote


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