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Product Description

Here's a great alternative to post-it notes: the Blackboard Brew! Coated with a chalk-board surface and supplied with chalk, you can write messages to your co-workers or even how you take your tea. It's easy to wipe clean so you can write a new message as often as you like.

Product Features

  • Pottery mug coated with chalk-board surface
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Supplied with chalk

Technical Specifications

  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water


  • 1 x Blackboard Brew mug
  • 2 x white chalk pieces

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Cup and chalk... Hilarity ensues - Review by Richard

Well, the missus is a teacher so I saw this and thought why not.

Turned out to be a great xmas present, lots of silly messages written and subsequently washed off and replaced, even used it for drinking tea out of! Mother in law took immediate advantage today and wrote her drinks order on it so I couldn't mess it up this time...

Highly recommended!