Bladefish 5000

This is how 007 would do it!

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Product Description

This latest James Bond-style gadget is possibly one of the most memorable in all his underwater adventures (apart from the human-harpoon gun)! Now you too can have your very own high tech, underwater propulsion jet. If you fancy zooming around the seas, leaving other divers floundering as you whizz by, then this will give you that 007 edge!

Alternatively, why waste all that extra energy? Just relax and let the Bladefish do all the work - this amazing machine can whisk you down to the bottom of a lake or trail you effortlessly along the sea surface from 40-120 minutes, depending on the model you choose. They make an ideal motorised companion for divers and snorkelers!

The Bladefish looks like a jet engine and generates much more power than the previous generation of lead acid model propulsion devices. Unlike them, these new models can be recharged in a fraction of the time and can be easily carried as hand luggage. They're also much smaller than their leaden predecessors and are highly manoeuvrable and compact. All models include computer controlled circuitry, double seals and a battery life meter.

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Product Features

  • 007-esk portable sea scooter
  • Great for the holidays
  • Depth rating of 35m
  • 70 - 120 minutes operating time

Technical Specifications

  • 18v Lithium-Ion battery and three-speed motor
  • 550 RPM max. speed
  • Speed Rating = 3.75mph
  • Depth Rating = 35m
  • Run time (approx.) 70-120 mins
  • Charge time = approx. 4 hours ('ready to go' charge = 2 hours)
  • Weighs approx. 4.7kg
  • Measures approx. 38cm x 36cm x 16cm

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