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Product Description

The Blink Time Slims are perfect watches for those of us who enjoy a more active lifestyle and don’t want a heavy time piece weighing us down. The light 100% silicone material means we can move around freely and still easily read the time.

The fun accessory appears to be a simple neon wrist band but looks are deceiving and with one press, the time will light up in LEDs from nowhere. With no screen to scratch, the Blink Time Slims display time, date and seconds and will automatically hide the LEDs to save on battery power. The smooth silicone bands give a comfortable feel and won’t snag on your arm hairs.

Product Features

  • Smooth silicone watch
  • One touch time viewing
  • Bright LEDs
  • Time, date and seconds display
  • Stays on for approx. 7 seconds
  • Measures approx. 25cm x 3cm x 1cm

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dissapointed - Review by JANICE

My two children bought one each. they were in the sale earlier this year £4.00 great novelty but the led's on my sons are now blarey and it doesnt seem to keep the right time and changes by a couple of hours sometimes for no reason. I didn't keep the receipt so cant return it. the other one is working fine. but he was dissapointed as he loved the concept!

Good - Review by David

I was brought this watch as a birthday present and I really liked it's stylish design. A lot of my mates at school were asking about it and wanted to have a go at using it. However, i have come across a few issues with it such as the fact that often the actual clock itself will fall out of its casing and the silicon around where the back of the watch is, is staring to rip and I fear that in the future it will become worse and become a big problem...the final issue I have is that I find the watch can be a bit difficult to operate i.e. pressing the buttons through the silicon 60 times to change the time etc. and I often find that the clock doesn't stay on long enough for me to catch the time so I keep having to press it

Excellent - Review by Louise

Great for nurses/carers - all my colleagues want one!