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Create your very own monsters with the Blobimals! They come in pieces from the planet Gloopiter and their mission is fun! Take the putty from the pot and mould it into any shape you want, then, using the supplied monster parts included, create your own monster!

Will your monster be tall and thin or short and fat? Will it have a tail, or horns, or both!? Bounce them, stretch them, and mould them into the best monster you can imagine. Leave your monster overnight and when you wake up he'll have melted into a pool of monster slime, ready for your next googly creation!

Once you are happy with your creation, upload your picture to, newly made, mid melt or as a pool of monster goo where it will be added to the gallery and entered into the monster maker's competition!

Each pot contains all you need to make millions of monsters! Silly putty, horns, eyes, tails and feet!

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Product Features

  • Create your own monster
  • Various monster parts included
  • Upload to's monster competition
  • Silicone based
  • Non toxic Putty
  • Approx 60g of putty
  • Stains may occur on porous materials
  • Available in blue, green and red


  • Putty
  • Monster parts
  • Instructions

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Cool gift! - Review by migs

My nephews aged 7 and 5 had great fun with these! Thank you for "cool Aunty" points!

Squidgy fun - Review by Sharon Dvsn

Strangely smooth moulding material that gives continuous fun. Once it has 'blobified' into a melted plastic puddle, just scrape it up and mould into a whole new monster. Great stocking filler.

Putty In My Hands :P - Review by Nicole

I absolutely love my Blobimal! It's better than a stress ball and more fun then the retro flour filled faces that you could manipulate. I originally bought it for the ultimate stress relief and it's brought me so much joy that I would highly recommend this! A brilliant stocking filler for the whole house (except maybe pets...then again they could be used to help train your pet to guard the house from weird creatures) you should definitely stock up on the Blobimals!!!

one monster christmas!! - Review by Penny Buchan

i got one for my brother for christmas and in the end we all had to have to have a go. the faces are really funny and its hard to come up with the same design twice. Genuinely fun for all ages.

Made leaving less sad - Review by Bronwyn Coveney

I got my Blobimal as a leaving present from my work mates. Definitely cheered up the prospect of leaving and moving house. The putty material itself is awesome, you can stretch it and snap it and bounce it and all sorts. And you don't have to hang around long for the monster to melt either. I'd make my monster, pack a box and 10 minutes later he'd be a puddle monster. Excellent fun and a good stress buster.