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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Tuneful scrubbings

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Product Description

There’s something uniquely special about that shower time singalong experience, as many of us simply can’t resist belting out our favourite songs whilst we wash! With wicked acoustics and catchy choruses to help us soak up the joy as we scrub on the soap, there’s only one way to make our shower crooning even more spectacular.

This cleverly designed water resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker gives you a powerful and versatile speaker to stick onto any glass, tile or whatever they make baths from, surface so you can do all the ridiculous naked dancing you want with utterly shame free abandon! The clever design features three integrated buttons to shuffle through your tunes as well as a hidden on-off switch and charging port.

And when you’re not rocking it out between the tiles, you can recharge your speaker using the USB cable included, so there’s no batteries to worry about either.

Product Features

  • Highly versatile portable speaker
  • Listen to all your favourite tunes in the shower!
  • Water resistant design
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Rechargeable (USB cable included)
  • Sticks to lovely smooth surfaces

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