Bobino Glasses Clip

Safe car accessory

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Product Description

Gadgets aren’t just designed for fun, a lot of the time we like to see gadgets that will help us out with our everyday lives.

The Bobino Glasses Clip is just that; a handy little device that slips onto the visor in your car so that you can have your glasses at the ready. The Bobino Glasses Clip is easily attached and is designed for any car sun visor. Simply slip it onto the visor, and it will hold the arms of your folded glasses, keeping them neatly stored, within reach and without any risk of scratching the lenses.

Product Features

  • Neat glasses holder
  • Attach to car sun visor
  • Securely holds glasses in place
  • Within easy reach
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 3cm x 3cm

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