Book Of Mid-Life Crisis

The darkness of the middle years

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Forget the wholesome Ladybird books of old, where Peter and Jane would delight in innocent childhood adventures. Those days are long gone, and have been replaced with parodies of the everyday tragedies of modern adult life.

The Ladybird Book of the Mid Life Crisis is one book in a dark comedic series including The Hangover and Book of the Husband. The new series perfectly spoofs these wholesome publications in order to aid cynical adults make sense of the world around them. Using large clear script, and easy to understand language combined with original Ladybird pictures, they create an irresistibly funny satire. This thoughtful combination will enable grown- ups to believe they have taught themselves how to cope. If you’ve ever struggled with the urge to purchase a boat, or was wondering whatever happened to your career, this book was specially created for you.

Product Features

  • From the writers of Miranda and That Mitchell and Webb Look
  • Perfect satire for any grown-up
  • Full of original illustrations and brand new captions
  • Hilarious modern take on the Ladybird classics
  • Ideal companion for everyday life
  • Measures approximately 18cm x 12cm x 1 cm

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