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Remember the Ladybird books that taught you all about the big wide world and all the adventures you could have? Remember the smiles, the laughter, and all the happy memories? But then you became a teenager and grew hair in places you didn’t want it. Parents, bosses and a fair share of terrible exes have managed to take the gleam from your eye over the years. Luckily, these earnest, wholesome children’s books have had a darkly comedic makeover, relating to modern adulthood like never before and are here to help.

The Ladybird Book of the Shed is specially designed to aid your navigation through the grown-up world, specifically to the end of your garden or even better, several miles away at your allotment. The Book of the Shed will show many people the ins and outs of what happens in a shed and may even give us a bit of insight into what men actually do in there for hours on end. Formatted with easy to read text and original Ladybird images you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Product Features

  • At new look at the world of sheds
  • Perfect satire for any grown-up
  • From the writers of Miranda and That Mitchell and Webb Look
  • Hilarious modern take on the Ladybird classics
  • Ideal companion for everyday life
  • Full of original illustrations and brand new captions
  • Measures approximately 18cm x 12cm x 1cm

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