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A new way to recycle

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Product Description

There is no longer any need to throw away your empty bottles. Transform last night’s trash into beautiful pieces of art with the Bottle Lights!

The Bottle Light is a simple device that can magically change boring old bottles to exciting mood lighting. A cork based design holds a small yet super bright rechargeable LED for you to slip into your bottles.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Bottle Light can create a cosy, improvised table feature and won’t be blown out by a gentle breeze. With a twist on/off switch, and USB charging the Bottle Light is a simple way to add a new mood to the room.

For an added effect, place the Bottle Light into a coloured bottle or bottle with different shapes to create interesting shades and light patterns.

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Product Features

  • Bottle cork with built in light
  • Super bright LED
  • USB recharging
  • Twist on/off switch
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Charging indicator light
  • New way to recycle
  • Fits most bottles
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Polymer lithium ion battery
  • Run time approx. 2.5 hours
  • Charging time approx. 1 hour
  • Measures approx. 5cm x 2cm x 2cm


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