Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions

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We are constantly being told that we should get more exercise. Our parents, the government and sometimes even our partners think we should all have a morning workout routine. Whereas in reality, only a few people have the time to do a run around the block, 30 burpees and 30 press ups in the mornings, and who wants to start their day with burpees anyway?!

The only burpees we want to be doing in the morning is ones that come from our full tummies! This ingenious spoon allows you to get your much needed morning work out without causing a disturbance to your schedule. Pour out you cereal and get pumping some iron! Thanks to the weighted barbell at the handle end of the spoon, every time you slurp up your breakfast, you get the benefits of a bicep curl too! With its golden finish you will feel like a true champion of the breakfast table.

Product Features

  • Novelty weightlifting spoon
  • Barbell attached to handle end
  • Do a bicep curl with every mouthful
  • Squeeze that morning workout into your routine
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 8cm

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