Bucket Of Doom

Dark and Doomy!

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Forget everything you once knew about card games, because this genre of gaming has just taken a whole new twist. The Bucket of Doom is designed to put your skill and ingenuity to the test… but on a whole new level like never before.

If you think you can talk your way out of some seriously strange situations, then the Bucket of Doom will keep you entertained for hours with…. well, anyone! This game is guaranteed to spice up any social gathering and will bring a delightfully dark twist to the party. Some clever chaps have created some doom laden scenarios with only completely useless objects to help you - all you have to do is convince your playing buddies that your escape plan is the best. So if you can imagine how you would survive if you were a snowman with a heatwave coming, or floating into the abyss from your space shuttle with only a bottle of tequila and a seaside donkey named Dolly to help you (we’ve all been there), then this is the perfect game for you! 

Product Features

  • The death defying party game
  • Escape from tons of seriously bad situations
  • Endless combinations of darkly comedic fun
  • Devise the most elaborate escape plans to win
  • 70 scenarios
  • 200 useless objects
  • 1 awesome scarily pink bucket
  • Suitable for 3 -20 players
  • Playing time 30 minutes to all night long
  • For ages 16+

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