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Product Description

We all like a good cup of coffee to wake us up and keep us going through the long days but there are some of us that just can’t get enough of the stuff. This mug is for those people.

The Caffeine Mug is perfect for coffee addicts and science buffs too. Not only does it hold your coffee (surprising for a mug) but it also displays a diagram of the chemical equation for caffeine so you will never be without your fix. Looking like a beaker that has come straight from a lab with millimetre measurements up the side, caffeine addicts and science nerds alike will love this mug. Just make sure that if you do work in a lab, you don’t get it mixed up with an actual beaker!

Product Features

  • Caffeine chemical equation design
  • Clear glass mug
  • Millimetre markings up the side
  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use
  • Holds approx. 400ml

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Very cool but not accurate as expected :( - Review by James

Fantastic thing to drink out of. there's no way to fault that. Its just a mug. Its just that the chemical structure of caffeine displayed on the mug is factually incorrect i doubt that this can be fixed but whatever, (science nerd inbound). Sorry to be very boring but the bonds from the Ns to the CH3s need to be shown going from the N to the C and not the the H3 as shown in the reversed CH3 group at the bottom right of the design and the CH3 in the top left or in between the C and the H3 shown in the other bonds. Otherwise fantastic product and I love the fact it looks like a beaker. Thanks!