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Product Description

Ever since phones were created, there has always been a never ending competition of portable chargers. Which is the most powerful, stylish and useful of them all? Well personally, we think this one is top notch!

The CasePower is a lightweight ultra-thin rechargeable battery made for iPhone 4/4s, one that is so discreet most people wouldn’t even realise that there was a case on. Made from some very shiny and durable ABS plastic, the CasePower can withstand the odd knock and bump. Plugging in your device is so easy even a monkey could do it - simply click your iPhone 4/4s into place and attach the side panel, which then locks the phone and case securely together.

The CasePower comes with 3 different side panels which adds a little alteration to your lifestyle, with Black, Coral Blue and Transparent to choose from.

After you have received a whole heap of charging goodness you’ll need to recharge the case. This is easily done by plugging into your Mac or PC, and guess what? You can still sync and transfer data while it’s charging. Genius!

Product Features

  • Charging case for iPhone 4/4s
  • Lightweight, ultra-thin sleek design
  • Passes as a standard iPhone case
  • Doubles the charge
  • Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • Optional side panels (Black, Coral Blue and Transparent)
  • MFI Certified
  • ABS plastic
  • USB cable for charging, synchronising and data transfer
  • Weighs approx. 55 grams
  • Measures approx. 12.6cm x 6.2cm x 1.5cm

Technical Specifications

  • 1500mAh battery size
  • Life of unit = 500 charge cycles

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