Chain Bottle Holder

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Chain Bottle Holder

Gravity defying bottle holder

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Product Description

It's official, the laws of gravity no longer apply. Up is now down and down is up. You better hold on to the floor too as the earth is spinning at about 1000mph, and this cool wine holder clearly shows that the basic laws of physics have been broken!

Either that or this is in fact an optical illusion created by welded chain links that cleverly counter balance the weight of a wine bottle.

Works with most bottle sizes.

Product Features

  • Uses the principle of balance to create a floating bottle illusion
  • Made from a welded chain
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 6cm

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for most wine/spirit bottles


  • 1 x bottle holder (wine not included)

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Magic - Review by Betty Longhorn

This looks magic.My son purchased this for his gran and she loves it.She uses it to display coloured bottles when its not being used on the table for her guests.I like the quality ,its nicley polished and looks more expensive than the price we paid. Delivery was extremely quick .Thank you Red5 for making our much loved gran happy.