Chameleon MorphSuit

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Chameleon MorphSuit

The suit no-one will know you're wearing

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Product Description

You’ve seen the original Morphsuit, now prepare to be blown away by the Chameleon Morphsuit!

After years of research and development, military OLED technology has now reached a point that public companies are being given access to the government’s findings. Each individual OLED transceiver is less than 1 pixel in size, and has the capacity to record what’s in front of it as well as displaying what’s directly behind. With over 2.5 million Transceivers sewn into one Chameleon Morphsuit, all you need to do is pull hard on the left leg of the suit to activate them. No need to worry about fiddly battery packs, as heat trapped in between your body and the suit generates the wattage required to keep you in cloak mode indefinitely – that’s right, the Chameleon Morphsuit literally runs on hot air!

Product Features

  • The fancy dress costume no-one will know you're wearing.
  • Perfect for all types of occasion, especially ones you don't wan't to be at.
  • Stretchy spandex, combined with High Tech Military OLED Technology make for an unbelievable combination.
  • Breathe, see and even think in your Chameleon outfit!
  • Zips up from the back.
  • Date sensitive.
  • Machine washable, but never, ever iron. Really, we tried, it was messy, only a few people survived, and they're still in therapy.

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Wedding Suit - Review by Jack

My wife told me I have to buy a new suit for our wedding. Not sure this is what she had in mind but it would be seriously amusing!

Now you see me. . . - Review by Ed

I've been looking for a way to sneak into all the cool parties I'm never invited to, and now I can! Thank you RED5!

Now, where was I? - Review by Tim

I'm not a great party goer, so this Chameleon Morphsuit was the perfect outfit. Now I can go to parties and yet not appear to be there.