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Product Description

We think this furry little chap is already a contender to win Toy of the Year! He's sure to bring some hilarity to your home or office. Simply say something to him and he'll repeat your words right back to you in a high or low pitched voice (think the Chipmunks or the bad guy from SAW). New for 2010, the Chatimal will keep kids (and adults everywhere) entertained for hours; he'll even work with any language! He's really simple to use, just press his paw - you'll have up to 30seconds to say your piece. Compliment your friend or maybe even tell them what you really think! Chatimal is set to mimic the world!

Please note: the low pitch voice is no longer being included in the newer Chatimals. However, you may still be lucky to get a slightly older version that has both! Sadly we don't know which has which, it's just pot luck!

Product Features

  • It says what you say!
  • Hilarious plush toy
  • Our contender for 'toy of the year'
  • Speak for up to 30 seconds
  • Mimics your words with either a hilarious high squeaky voice (and a low croaky voice in a few)
  • High-quality plush
  • Hamster supplied in grey, brown or beige
  • Lips move when repeating

Technical Specifications

  • Requires 3 x AA batteries

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love it! - Review by janet

this is fantastic everyone i showed it to thought it was really good

Hilarious! - Review by Emma

I love this product its so cute! Its hilarious if you buy two, turn them both on and have them facing each other, then they keep repeating whatever the other says likes they are having a repetive conversatuon!