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Kids today are so hard to please but luckily for us we have treat time covered. The Dino Cookie Cutters make other cutters look prehistoric as they transform your dough (and chocolate chips) in to 3D dinosaur master pieces!

Each dinosaur is made up of a few pieces that simply slot together to make your edible Jurassic creature, guaranteed to be the envy of all their friend’s lunch boxes.

Whip these tasty critters out at a children’s party and it’s sure to be the greatest thing they have ever seen……but it won’t stop them biting off their heads and leaving you with a plate of crumbs.

Please note: due to the way these items are delivered one (tasty) dinosaur will be chosen at random.

Product Features

  • Create fantastic edible 3D dinosaur cookies
  • Simply bake the individual parts and slot together
  • 4 dinosaurs to collect (each sold separately)
  • Great for lunch boxes or kids parties

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Biscuit heaven - Review by Nicholas

What can be better than eating a biscuit? Eating four biscuits in the shape of a dinosaur. Fantastic.

Great - Review by Rebecca


RED5 says: “Short but sweet (just like cookies!), thanks Rebecca!”

Good - Review by Victoria

These make great biscuits! I made some for my cousins birthday and decorated them. He loved them! So easy to use and wash and they're so cute! :D