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    Pop Up Wine Glass

    A must have for glamping

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    We all love a nice glass of wine every now and then yet it’s hard to do so when you’re on the go.  Carrying a real wine glass is hardly practical yet drinking from the bottle doesn’t look very classy. Decisions decisions…

    The Pop up Wine Glass is perfect for impromptu dos, festivals, camping and even walking to the shop if you enjoy your vino that much. With a simple flick of the wrist the glass extends to an impressive 17cm tall, and holds 150ml of that fruity juice. The lid even acts as a little canapé tray for your nibbles and once you’re finished, the lid holds any dregs tightly inside, leaving your bags dry as bone.

    Product Features

    • Collapsible portable wine glass
    • Concertina mechanism
    • Perfect when on the go
    • Handwash only
    • Not microwave safe
    • Measures approx. 17cm x 7cm

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    Really Great Product - Review by James

    This is really convenient, lightweight, and absolutely IDEAL for picnics. It's a really good price for the product, and it's so useful (sometimes - I know this is crazy, but hear me out, here - I use this for drinks that AREN'T wine...I'm a maniac, I know!)

    I'm just waiting for the day when someone invents fold-able bottles of wine! Something for you to look into, RED5! ;)