Nerf Jolt N-Strike

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Nerf Jolt N-Strike

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New and improved Nerf Jolt N-Strike. Now fires 20% further!

Strong, powerful, compact and easy to use. The few words that best describe the newest addition to the Nerf family, the little baby jolt. He may look cute and innocent but remember that looks can be deceiving and this one will definitely have you fooled.

Included with the gun are two foam darts which once inserted in the barrel, are ready for action. Who needs an enormous gun when you can have one that can sneakily hide in your pocket for the stealthiest of operations. Merely pull down the cocking handle aim and fire. Hopefully if you have a good shot it will be enemy eliminated - mission accomplished. 

We love this little gun so much it now decides who makes the drinks for the RED5 web room, in a heart pounding game of shoot the bottle – the ultimate test of nerve and skill! 

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Product Features

  • Compact and lightweight Nerf Blaster
  • Fires approx. 30 – 40ft
  • Does not jam
  • Fires using a spring and air 
  • Two foam darts included
  • Measures approx. 10cm x 10cm


1 x Nerf Jolt Blaster

2 x Foam darts

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So much fun! - Review by Matthew

For such a small nerf gun it packs a good punch. If you have an annoying little sister she makes the perfect target practice. And with a little practice it is extremely accurate! Makes a great gift for a friend or just something fun for yourself! Go ahead.... Have some fun!

Power to the Holder... - Review by Rachel

Bought as a present for my step son - OMG he loves it. Small (virtually fits in my palm) but soooo powerful. Once he realised this, his poor Grandma's crockery was never the same...neither was the dog! Soft foam 'bullets' so limited damage done but they can still pack a fair punch - needs care taken to use it safely.

A perfect present for every little terror of a boy (grown up or otherwise!)

Nerf Jolt - Review by Barbara

Brilliant little gun, good aim and very powerful for a little gun. Had fun with it with my kids and I'm 49. Good starter gun. Posted to me very quickly, well worth the money.

nerf jolt - Review by louie

this is one of the smallest nerf guns but one of the most powerful ones.
it has the same amount of power as the raider.
it is easily hidden because of its size.
reloading is sometimes hard because every shot you have to pull down on the grey pull and that gets a bit boring.
overall it is a good nerf product and i would definitely recommend it.

Awesome! - Review by nat

So much fun to be had with this little guy! Easily hidden so you can attack when it's least expected, I've had hours of fun! 2 darts just aren't enough though.

MIB has nothing on the Jolt - Review by Martyn

Noisey Cricket eat your heart out, this is miles better I can shoot my work mates with it across the room!

WOW! - Review by Pete

So fast and soo much fun! And small and light enough to conceal about your person...the real fun is watching people run from it!!

Powerful - Review by stuart

This little thing packs a punch,dont be fooled by its compact size.The bullets are well made and have whithstood lots of use already.Its compact size fits nicely in the hand or small bag.It can be reloaded in a split second without any fuss.My niece and newphew love these.

This is amazing! - Review by David

To look at this you would think its not going to do much but this little toy gun has some power too it!

Great fun!!

Only slight down side i think it could come with more darts.