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Product Description

Ever wanted to say something to someone but never had the guts to say it face to face? Well why not let the Chuckimal do your dirty work! Simply record your message and throw it to your victim and the Chuckimal will say it for you. Tell your boss that his jokes just aren’t funny, or your mum that it’s NOT past your bedtime! Whatever you can think of but dare not say, the Chuckimal will do it for you.

Why not leave the Chuckimal on your colleagues desk or at home in the kitchen? He’ll be happy to pass on any messages you might want to leave. Much more exciting than a written post-it note, and much cuter! Perfect when you need to ask someone to take the dog for a walk in the rain, do the dishes, empty the bins or any other task you just don’t want to ask face to face!

Product Features

  • Record your message and throw it!
  • Hilarious plush toy
  • Speak for up to 30 seconds
  • High-quality plush
  • Say those things you never dared!
  • Lips move when repeating
  • Choose from either parrot or chicken

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Great for me - Review by Martyn

I've always been shy when it comes to women, so I bought this to break the ice with the girl I liked. I'd record messages on it and chuck it to her across the office. Well I'm happy to say the chuckimal worked and we are happily together and due to get married in September :)