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Product Description

This contact lens care set includes everything you need to store and clean your Fashion contacts. This set contains a contact lens case, lens solution and a pair of contact lens tweezers.

It is very important to keep your lenses clean, as wearing dirty lenses can irritate your eyes. You should store each pair of lenses in a clean lens case filled with contact lens solution. Change the solution each time you wear the lenses.

The contact lens solution is specially formulated for cosmetic contact lenses. Use it to clean your lenses after you wear them - simply place the lens in your palm and pour on a little solution. Rub the lens gently using a clean fingertip. Then place the lens in its case, fill with solution and screw shut. You can also do this if a lens feels dry or irritates your eye.

The lens tweezers make it easier to handle contact lenses. Use them to pick up the contact lenses and arrange them properly on your fingertip.

Product Features

  • All in one contact lens solution
  • Use to rinse, clean and lubricate contact lenses
  • Store contact lenses in a lens case filled with solution
  • Made in the EU
  • Never use water to clean your contacts


  • 1 x 60ml contact lens solution
  • 1 x contact lens tweezers
  • 1 x contact lens case

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