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Cosmic Putty

Putty that's out of this world

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Product Description

Cosmic Putty is scientifically re-engineered play putty that will amaze and shock your friends! After years of restless research, the invention wizards have created a putty formula that not only has the properties of a solid, but also a liquid and even more bizarrely - a ball! That's right, you can sculpt it and snap it like a solid, stretch it and watch it melt like an ice cream or you can roll it into a ball and watch it bounce to incredible heights!

Cosmic Putty has a multitude of other uses too so it's not just for the kids. It's great at work to ease the stress of office life or as a fun, inexpensive alternative to Silly Putty. Is it a solid or is it a liquid, what do you think?

Product Features

  • Originally designed by NASA to plug holes in space crafts
  • Has properties of a solid and a liquid
  • Sculpt it, snap it, stretch it, bounce it
  • Putty that's out of this world
  • Non-newtonian fluid
  • Stretches, sculpts, bounces, snaps, melts and shatters
  • Available in red, green, Blue
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 7cm
  • 65g approx.

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good - Review by carla

my son thought it was great but forgot about it after 3 weeks.
i would recommend this to children over 7.