Crystal Puzzle Chest

Mind boggling treasure

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Product Description

The Crystal Puzzle Chest is sure to give your brain a good beating as the crystal sends you into a daze.

The puzzle contains 52 pieces that interlock with each other, which is a lot easier than it seems – speaking from experience. Once it is completed you are left with an immaculate puzzle leaving many people shocked that you have actually put it together yourself. Towards the end of your heated arguments with the pieces that look like they fit but they just don’t, there is a key that secures all the other pieces together confirming that yes, you can move it around. Just be careful not to drop it as the key isn’t quite strong enough to withstand the might of gravity.

The Crystal Puzzle Chest creates a great talking point and as it is all made from transparent materials, it allow light to pass through it giving the sense that they’re glowing on their own. You could even use it as a secret storage space!

Product Features

  • 3D Crystal Puzzles
  • 49 interlocking pieces
  • Ideal for lovers of brainteasers
  • Stands at approx. 7cm once fully completed

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