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Product Description

Building robots seems like a pretty tricky task but putting together a Robot Puzzle like this should be much easier. Luckily for you budding robot enthusiasts, building this little guy requires no knowledge or robotics or any other sciencey stuff. Just a bit of hard work and patience.

Crack open the box and feast your eyes upon the 49 shiny, translucent pieces before you. Each carefully cut piece clicks and slots into place with the next one to create the super cool 3D robot puzzle. Once you have put all the pieces together, use the wind up style key in his back to hold them securely in place. This vintage era robot even has poseable arms, so you can make really make him your own.

Product Features

  • Cool 3D Robot puzzle
  • Retro robot design
  • 49 translucent pieces
  • Secure pieces with wind up key
  • Poseable arms
  • Once complete measures approx. (H) 13cm x (W) 7cm x (D) 6cm

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