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Product Description

If you're fed up with never being able to find a pen amongst the piles of invoices and junk mail on your desk then you need a pen holder. Dead Fred is a silicone rubber pen holder with a strangely familiar look for all those who remember the creations of Tony Hart. As well as been a place to keep your pen, Fred (or what ever you may choose to call him) can also be used as a replacement for your worn out voodoo doll!

Another great idea from our friends at SuckUK.

Product Features

  • Designed by Suck UK
  • Silicone Rubber pen holder
  • Perfect for your desk
  • Measures approx. 12cm x 7cm x 2.5cm

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Great stress reliever - Review by Karl O'Callaghan

Dead Fred can be a great source of stress release, especially if you put a picture of your boss' face on it. Wittle your hours away stabbing your boss with a pen. Who wouldn't want to do that?