Dead Tidy Desk Organiser

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Dead Tidy Desk Organiser

It's dead handy

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Product Description

If your desk looks more like a crime scene than a workplace, covered in clutter and mess with only a lack of blood keeping you from being locked up, then you may want to invest in a new organiser that is reasonably fun to use.

The Dead Tidy Desk Tidy keeps your workspace clear of the chaos of unfiled stationary. Filled with lots and lots of staggered malleable prongs, this guy has the versatility to hold all different sorts of stationary simultaneously. Stick a picture of your boss to the head and it will also work as a great stress relief voodoo doll alternative.  Great for anyone whose desk looks dead untidy!

Product Features

  • Body outline desk tidy
  • Staggered malleable prongs
  • Holds variety of items simultaneously
  • Measure approx. 14cm x 6.5cm

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