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Product Description

This Desktop Drum Kit is easily one of the most addictive products we’ve played with recently. No one can resist having a go once they’ve seen it, even the most unlikely of rock stars!

Unlike many desktop drum sets, this one is an actual 3D set of drums with a stand, rather than a touch-sensitive pad, meaning that your drumming experience is much more realistic! Designed with a hi-gloss, speckled finish and chrome-coloured accents, the Desktop Drum Set features the classic garage band set-up: 1 tom-tom, 2 snare drums and 1 splash crash cymbal.

Annoying? Yes. Loads of fun? Definitely!

Product Features

  • Retro-style desktop drums
  • Assembles without tools in under a minute
  • Great for all genres of music
  • Fun at home or in the office
  • Measures approx. 40cm x 40cm


  • 1 x tom-tom
  • 2 x snare
  • 1 x cymbal
  • 1 x stand
  • 2 x drumsticks

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Godson Loves It - Review by James

My godson is an aspirational drummer. This is the perfect gift for him to practice in his bedroom. He doesn't live with me - so I reckon it's a winner.

Bring The Noise!!! - Review by Frosty

I am over the (Keith) Moon with this bang tidy drum kit! I felt like a proper (Ringo) Star bashing away anywhere I like with this portable drum kit. No longer the first to arrive and last to leave gigs as easily set up (more bar time). Bang on!!

RED5 says: "We're glad you like it Frosty :) If you're going to make it in this cruel world though we'd recommend a slightly larger kit ;)"

Nice Little Gift - Review by Simon

I got one of these for my nephew at christmas. It was probably his favourite gift, and he is now an aspiring drummer. The drums sound good, but the cymbal is a little tinny sounding to me (nephew doesnt care). Also, it could do with stronger clips as if you get a little too strong with it, it can come a bit loose.

Definitely worth it for the price though :-)